The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (known as the Club Committee)

The Committee shall consist of between 8 and 10 permanent members plus the President. They (the Club Committee) have the power to co-opt further members for specific meeting items as and when required. Individuals should hold only one position on the Club Committee.

Winchester Hockey Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of all its members. The club believes that it is important that the Team Leaders and Coaches of the Club should wholly support the policies and objectives of the Club, and to show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of Club members at all times.

Winchester Hockey Club has a totally open and equitable policy of welcoming and encouraging players of all levels, and all documents relating to Club Rules and Policy can be accessed from the Club’s web site.

Organisational Structure & job roles – Main Club Executive:-

NOTE: Executive Members are empowered to run the Club without referring decisions up to the Committee unless they are committing monies, proposing a change to published policies / rules, or doing something that may affect another Executive member.

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