Club History

Until 1997, Winchester had two separate Hockey Clubs, Winchester Men's Hockey Club and Winchester Women's Hockey Club, both of which have flourished in the city for many years. However, in September 1997, after lengthy negotiations, the two clubs officially merged to become Winchester Hockey Club.


Winchester Men's Hockey Club is one of the oldest hockey clubs in the world, if not the oldest. The club began in March 1891 when an inaugural Annual General Meeting was held which appointed Mr. A. Tebbutt as Captain and Mr. B. Chancellor as Secretary and Treasurer. That was over 125 years ago, Queen Victoria still had 20 years to reign, the British Empire covered half the Globe and the Industrial Revolution was in full swing.


Winchester Women's Hockey Club, or Winchester Ladies Hockey Club as it was known, was one of the first clubs in Hampshire and was affiliated to the Hampshire Hockey Association in 1904. It remained affiliated for the next three seasons but then there was a gap of some six years before the club was formally started in 1919.

Here below you can read the key events which have lead to Winchester Hockey Club being the great club it is today.

1891 (6 March)Meeting held in the Market Hotel to form Winchester Hockey and Bandy Club - led by Arnold Tebbutt (Chair / 1st XI Capt.)
1891 (21 March)1st match played v Winton House (Winchester)
1891 (25 September)1st AGM of Winchester Hockey and Bandy Club
1914-18Hockey largely suspended during WW1
1915-1625th anniversary - during 1st world war
1919 (November)Winchester Ladies Hockey Club formed
1919Ladies wore blue berets, white shirts, mauve ties and long navy blue skirts with different coloured braid denoting merit
1939-45Hockey largely suspended during WW2
1940-4150th anniversary - during 2nd world war
19452nd October Pat Whitfield calls meeting to restart match play, post WW2
1946 (July)Agreed Winchester Men's Club merger with Winchester Ladies Club running as 2 sections
1946-47men's 2nd XI first formed
1947 (October)Agreed Winchester Men's Club and Winchester Ladies Club would go their separate ways again
1953Mayor watches both men and ladies Clubs matches on separate occasions
1954-55men's 3rd XI first formed
1954 (December)Christmas holiday matches for colts arranged
1955 (August)Confirmation of official club colours white shirts, navy shorts, royal blue stockings
1963 (Easter)1st attendance at Weymouth Easter Festival (to replace going to Teddington Festival)
1956 (April)Club has entered National Psychics laboratory (NPL) festival Teddington for 2 days at Easter
1956-57men's 4th XI first formed as largely a colts team
1957-58membership hits 100
1966-67Club colours changed to gold shirts and black shorts, gold/black socks
1967-68Ladies 2nd XI first fully established
1969-7050th anniversary of Winchester Ladies Hockey Club
1966 (September)75th anniversary match watched by the Mayor Mrs. Thackeray
1972-73First league matches played
1965-6675th anniversary season
1975-76men's 5th XI first formed
1975-76Sunday Colts league team formed
1977-781st Saturday men's veterans side formed. "The Wanderers" (6th Team)
1977-78Ladies 3rd XI first fully established
1979-80Sunday mini hockey started
1981-82The Wombats formed as a specialist men's side for promising youngsters. (7th Team)
1982Winchester Sports Association (W.S.A.) formed
1982-83The 2A XI formed as a younger men's vets later becoming the Hustlers and then the Wizards. (creating an 8th team)
1983-84The 3A XI formed creating a 9th men's team
1984Winchester Sports Association (W.S.A.) Clubhouse opened
1985-86The Strollers 3rd vets team formed creating a 10th team
1990 (September)Perins school, Alresford lay first astroturf pitch in Winchester City boundary for priority use by the Club
1990-91100th Club anniversary season
1991 (8 March)Centenary dinner in the Guildhall
19943 Winchester boys from Wales, Scotland and England at play for their National U16 side
1997-98Men's Club successfully merged with the Winchester Women's Club (10 men and 3 ladies)
1997-98Club colours changed to gold shirts with purple trim, black skirts/shorts, purple socks
1999The Kings' School in Romsey road laid 1st Astroturf pitch in Winchester
2002-20034th men's vets team Whistlers formed (for 1 season only)
2003-04Boy's U15 win National U15 plate final
2004-05Veterans won National O-40 plate final
2005-06Winchester u16 boys win National indoor title - 1st time
2008-09University of Winchester lay 2nd Astroturf pitch in Winchester
2009-10The Whippets formed (a specialist side for promising youngsters)
2010-114th team renamed "The Academy"
2011-12Men's teams reduced by 1 (9)
2012-13Men's 1st win National Vase title
2013-14Winchester Girl's Academy side started
2015-164th Ladies XI first formed
2017 (May)u14 boys win National u14 Cup
2014-15Men's teams reduced by 1 (8)
2015-16125th Club anniversary - dinner held in the Great Hall
2017-185th Ladies XI (Tigers) first formed
2018 (May)Winchester girls (U14) win a Hampshire Cup final for 1st time
2018-192 Winchester boys play for England U16 (R. Penrose and W. Whitmore)
2018-19Winchester u16 boys win National indoor title again
2018-19Winchester u14 boys win Mercian Junior League title for 1st time and reach National u14 Cup finals day
2018-19Winchester mixed team reach National finals day (June)
2019 (19 November)Ladies section 100th anniversary
2020-21130th Club anniversary